Choosing the Perfect Chevy

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Different powertrains, cargo space, passenger space, colors...the list of your options to choose from is endless. Buying a new car is an exciting time, but you may wonder how to know what the perfect model for you is.  Ask yourself  these questions, and hopefully it will point you in the right direction.

How to Change a Flat Tire

Every driver is going to get a flat tire at some point so it is important to know how to change it and do it safely.  In this 10 step guide, we will outline some safe procedures for you to follow when you change a tire.  Consider printing this out and keeping it in your glove box for reference.

Top Chevy Models of All Time

The iconic badge of Chevy cars, the bow tie has gained a lot of popularity over the decades. Chevy cars have completed 100 years of his existence. The first Chevy car was introduced in 1913. Considering Chevy has a long history, let's look at some of Chevy's greatest models.

'Life Hacks' for your Car

Life can be busy, and many of us spend a lot of time in our car.  Because of this, you want your car to be a pleasant environment to be in - this means clean, organized, and smelling great.  While that is easier said then done, here are a few easy and cheap hacks to keep your car looking and smelling great, without spending a ton of time or money!

Car Insurance Tips

If you own a car, having car insurance is a fact of life. Car insurance can keep you from facing a large expense in the case of an accident, and also keep you from having your car impounded or fined for not having car insurance. Here are some different options if you are looking to save on insurance payments

The Evolution of the Car Horn

Cars and horns, they go together hand and hand. And, as you may already know, the relationship goes back to the beginning of the breed. Take a look at just how far 'the car horn' has come.

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