Great Car Pranks

For this article, we thought we'd have a little fun and there's nothing quite as much fun as a practical joke -except perhaps when it's being played on you.  Here's a couple of great ones:

The impossibly good gas mileage trick

This prank is retold by a fellow who worked at a Volvo dealership in the early 1970s.  As the story goes, the shop foreman decided he had enough of vehicles that got "bad gas mileage" and decided to buy an ultra-thrifty Fiat 1500.  So, the rest of the guys at the Volvo dealership decided a prank was in order.  The first step was to get this new Fiat 1500 to deliver some really stunning gas mileage.  Every few days one of the mechanics would go out to the Fiat and add some gas to his gas tank.  They continued this for several months with the result that the shop foreman was getting close to 90MPG in his car.

The second step was to stop adding extra gas.  Well, the foreman's mileage quickly dropped from 90MPG back down to 35MPG and the poor guy kept on bringing it back for evaluation to the local Fiat dealership.  Frankly, no one there believed for a second that he was getting 90 MPG in the first place so they really didn't take him seriously. 

Don't irritate the maintenance guys

This prank allegedly occurred a large manufacturing plant located in the South.  Apparently, the head of the Quality Control (QC) department was a particularly nasty person who showed little respect to the many maintenance guys he worked with.  So, one day, Mr. QC rolls into work with a beautiful new Corvette and parks it in his designated parking spot.

So, this is what they did. Every day, one of the maintenance guys would slip out to the parking lot and pour a half a pint or so of oil under the motor of his new Corvette.  After many trips back to his local GM dealership, Mr. QC decided he couldn't take it anymore and sold his prized Vette.  If fact, as the story goes, he never bought a GM car again.