Auto Rewards Points Lookup

We are planning the next evolution of our rewards program.  Thanks to your feedback, we are focusing on areas you want and eliminating or reducing benefits members do not find valuable or being used. Effective October 1, 2015, the earnings account/points-based element of our program will be eliminated. Below is a simple graph illustrating when points will stop accruing and when accrued points will expire.   

     If Your Earnings                   Your Last Day To                  You Must Redeem
Account Points Expire:                Accrue Points Is:                 Your Points Prior To:

          9/30/15                                    9/30/15                                    9/30/15
        10/31/15                                  10/31/15                                  10/31/15
        11/30/15                                  11/30/15                                  11/30/15
        12/31/15                                  12/31/15                                  12/31/15
          1/31/16                                  12/31/15                                    1/31/16
          2/28/16                                  12/31/15                                    2/28/16
          3/31/16 and beyond                12/31/15                                    3/31/16

As shown in the above chart, after 3/31/16, all points will have no value.

Redeeming points is easy. Simply purchase any new or preowned vehicle or lease a new vehicle from any East Hills Auto Group location. The points are deducted from your lowest sale price OR they lower your monthly lease payments. Your points are transferable to friends or family members so if you know someone who can benefit, we urge you to transfer them or use them before they expire.

To check your earnings account balance, enter your member number below. If you need help, contact your selling or servicing dealer for assistance. We thank you for your constant feedback on our rewards program and we look forward to introducing the next evolution of our rewards program.